Best decorative pillows and throws under $50 in 2019

Introduction to decorative pillows

Welcome to the world of pillows and cushions. When we sit down, we are often welcomed by the comfort of pillows and cushions. For they are the most hospitable objects in the home environment. They provide us with warmth, relief and support during the best and most difficult of times. Pillows and cushions are our companions of comfort. A living room without such often portrays a feeling of emptiness. Hence the significance of pillows and cushions have played a vital role throughout the history of home furnishings. In the beginning they were used to reduce the issues of neck, back, and shoulder pain while sleeping. However, in modern times pillows have grown to also become a statement of identity and fashion. Decorative pillows and throws are therefore a common topic of discussion.

Therefore, choosing the best decorative pillows for your home is very important. They are also an excellent gift choice for a friend, colleague or family member. We are often asked which decorative pillow types are the best? This article will introduce you to several types of decorative pillows that we believe are the best in 2019. Meanwhile, we will refer to decorative pillows that are under $50. This allows you to choose luxurious styles whilst on a budget.

Which type of decorative pillow?

There are many different types of pillows such as memory, down, feather, microbead and neck pillows. Although these pillows can be very useful for sleeping, this article instead focuses on decorative pillows. 2019 has introduced an amazing range of new decorative pillows to the market. Current trends include mermaid sequin pillows, rectangle pillows, throws, square pillows and floor pillows. We believe that in 2019 these categories offer some brilliant options for your home. Some of you prefer to choose your own pillow inserts, therefore most of the pillows listed below offer either a cover or with insert option.

How to pick the best decorative pillow?

In order to pick the best decorative pillow, one must first identify their preference of style. Decorative pillows offer a wide variety of colors, including vibrant yellows and greens or bolder reds and blues. On the other hand, you may prefer darker styles of black and brown, or lighter shades of blue, teal and white. The glimmer of golds and silvers is also popular.

Style of pillow

In addition, the design should also be considered. Decorative pillows offer a wide range of designs including animal, abstract, linear, rainbow, nature and geometric styles. Prints of popular words and quotes are also very popular. This allows you to express and surround yourself with meaningful words.

Location of pillow

The location of the pillow is another important factor to consider. Pillows are mostly used within the home. However, if the weather is nice you may choose to take the pillows out into the garden or to a picnic. The location of the pillow can determine the type of pillow you choose. Living rooms are commonly frequented by family members, therefore designs that suit the interests of all are beneficial. In addition, you should match the pillows to the decor of the room.

Complementing rooms and furniture

Your living room may be frequented by guests, therefore choose designs to impress, as pillows are always the talk of the room. Square cushions are always a great choice for sofas and sofa chairs. On the other hand, you may pick a more personal style to furnish your bedroom as this is a more personal space. Floral rectangle pillows are a popular option for bedroom pillows. Feel free to mix pillows together. Square pillow cushions can be placed against rectangle pillows on a king or queen size bed to create an elegant style of comfort, as seen in 5 star hotels.

The best types of decorative pillows

Mermaid sequin pillows/cushions

Modern designs have allowed cushions to transform and express their stylistic nature in various ways. In 2019 we have seen the popularity of sequin cushions growing in the consumer market. Sequin cushions are elaborate and sleek and never fail to impress due to their artistic nature. Their transformation of color and texture boast such uniqueness. One may struggle to avoid the temptation of running their fingers through the elegantly sewn mermaid sequins. Therefore, finding the right design is crucial whilst quality is also the key to comfort and longevity. One should choose designs and colors that best suit personal preferences and complement the furnishings of the home.

decorative pillows throws cushions mermaid sequin pillow cushion cover
All Of A Sudden Sequin Cushion

Rectangle pillows/throws

Furthermore, rectangle pillows renowned for their definitive shape have comforted our homes for centuries. Recent times have transformed the conventional style into oversized throw pillows that provide a different look – suitable for the bed or couch. They’re comfy enough to sleep on, and a great canvas for art. It is here that pillows make a statement, boasting their identities. Invite a touch of excellence to your home with popular abstract, geometric and floral designs.

decorative rectangle pillow throw cushion furnishings
Abstract Contour Rectangle Pillow

Square cushions

In addition, square cushions continue to play a vital role in the furnishings department due to their classic shape and plethora of designs. These cushions provide a stylish statement that will liven up any room. Whether you are after a print of a famous quote or a cute animation, square cushions offer something for everyone.

square decorative pillow throw cushion furnishing
Good Morning, Sunshine Square Throw Pillow

Decorative Floor Pillows

Finally, another popular choice is the floor pillow. Floor pillows furnish the floor with comfort and style. Great for the family and even pets to lounge on. Floor pillows have taken sitting down to another level, with their thoughtfully crafted overstuffed, plush and firm designs. A good high-quality cushion should never lose its shape. Its print should also stay crisp and colorful.

decorative floor pillow cushion
Color Lines Soft Floor Pillow Cover

Final thoughts on the best decorative pillows

Now you have read about several different types of pillows and cushions, the choice ultimately boils down to you. Each type of decorative pillow is special in its own way. The mermaid sequin cushions make a modern-day statement of glim and glamor. Meanwhile the square pillows are a must have for any living room. The rectangle pillows offer a touch of elegance. We at Vesnr are very fond of the floor pillows due to their elaborate curvature and abstract designs.

Moreover, by following our above guidelines you should be able to decide which style suits you best. You may prefer more than one type and decide to furnish your home with a variety of styles. The options are limitless. There are various styles and designs to choose from, however choosing the pillows that feel best for you is most important. We hope this article has aided you in finding your companions of comfort and style.

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